The Link Between Your Brain, Pet, and Your Body

We all know the benefits of having a pet to welcome us when we come home, travel with us, or even to take along to work.  The awesome world of dogs also work in helping the disabled, sniffing out cancers, and helping out law enforcement.  There is a new discovery with people that suffer from ADHD and depression.

Read the link attached that explains how incredible this is!!  Click here:


Fall Harvest!

Summer is coming to an end, boo, but the veggies and fruits are so plentiful now!! What are you doing to take advantage of all the yumminess out there? There are so many soups, salads, and blender drinks to be made with all the fresh produce.  It is a rainbow of color and goodness for your health and tummy!! If you have no idea what to do with some of your produce or have run out of ideas, ask away!! Using a juicer or blender to make drinks or soups and freeze for later is an excellent way to have the fresh taste of summer in the winter too!!Drinks at Sari OrganicsYummy salad!Fruit bowl at Sari Organics

Hitting your Re-Set button/Vacation time

Here is an “extra” blog from me, while I am re-setting my stress button, aka, on vacation.

Yes, we all love to go all out and eat the junk or crap food while on vacation, but you can stay healthy and “regular” by eating tons of greens and fruits first. All the extra activities will help with burning calories. Not trying any activities? Why not try a class in the area or run down to the hotel fitness center or pool for an hour? You will feel so much better when you get home and not have that extra vacation weight to get off. 

For some extra tips on traveling,;whether for vacation or work; here is an article by my friend Mara. Click hereCopy of DSCN1004 Bali 2011 22DSCN0708!

Beat the Heat-Ways to continue your practice during the summer

We love to come up with excuses not to work out, cold in the winter (here in WI), hot in the summer, no time……etc. But it is better to stay on a schedule, even when we really don’t want to do it. Even small amounts are better then nothing at all!

Here is an article to give you hints on keeping your practice going, even in the heat of summer! Click hereDSCN0734Arma resort.

Healing Breath

breath1 breath2Breathing, we do this without even thinking. Practicing breathing techniques can be used at any time to transform not only your breath, but also your state of mind. Different techniques can be used if you struggle with anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, chronic pain and even life-threatening illnesses. The techniques help people connect to a calm, quiet place within so that they experience greater clarity and well-being at every level.

Pranayama, or breathing techniques, can help you reduce all of the mental noise-the agitation, distractions, and self-doubt-that prevents you from connecting with your own true self. Pranayama, or breathing techniques, can have a profound effect on your life!

Prana-meaning, life force or vital energy. And yama-meaning, to extend or draw out.

Weight-loss tips that work for everyone

Who has not gone on a diet or tried those funky fad diets?  What about those late night ads that promise to drop pounds off with a few pills, and you can still eat anything!! 

Through trial and error, reading health information, and seeing what really works for my body, there are a few simple tips that will work for everyone!!

Stick with it-the first five to seven days are the worst. After the initial “detox”, things gets easier.

Get honest with yourself about what you’re eating-Write down EVERYTHING that passes your lips. If you cannot journal, try one of those snazzie new apps out there. MyFitnessPal is a good one.

If what you are doing is NOT working, try something different-three weeks is long enough with no results. What works for your sister, friend, co-worker, may not work for you.

Don’t rely on willpower-If sugar is your issue, don’t bake and leave those cookies in the kitchen so they tempt you. You are only setting yourself up for failure instead of success!!

Message me for more suggestions, ideas, health questions, workout ideas or motivation!! We can do this together!!ExerciseMotivationTip005Diet photo


We love our pets so much and love to take them everywhere with us, but in the summer months this is not always the best idea. We may think we can run in quickly to complete an errand and they will be fine with the window cracked. Do you realize how quickly the interior of your vehicle heats up with the windows up? And your precious pet cannot sweat or take off layers like we can!!

Again, Dr. Becker has the lowdown on the effects to our pets when left in a vehicle!!  See the article hereDSCN0613.

DIET-that dirty four letter word!

So many diets to choose from and everyone is telling you their favorite, right?  Are they working for you, do you keep the weight off for good?  Most people it is a huge NO!  Because diets do not work!  Eating right and healthy foods do work.  There is not one way for all people and you do need to find the right balance for you.  Some people will need more proteins than others or more carbohydrates.  Depends on so many factors–everyone is different, so their eating plan will be different.  Find out what you can do to get on the right track and stop the yo-yo diets!!  Healthy eating is the way of LIFE!  Message or email me today!!

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