Adjusting your workout/yoga practice

As life goes on we encounter obstacles that may hinder our yoga or workout practice.  These obstacles may be big or small. Such as gaining or losing weight, injuries, pregnancies, or just getting older.  What do you do during these obstacles?  Do you change up your workout, stop it all together, (cause it is just too hard), or find one that works better?  

I had the opportunity to spend an entire week with Mara Panacci, in Bali this year.  She has allowed me to share her blog on this subject of adjusting your workout/yoga practice.  Please read this blog and go ahead to read others of hers!!  She is well traveled and has great health tips/recipes also!!

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Herbicide Exposure is Linked to Cancer!

This article by Dr. Becker explains how adding pesticides and fertilizers to our lawns is detrimental to our pets.

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You may have already added your first round of chemicals, but many people do a schedule on the holidays.  As we are aware of chemicals entering our own bodies, also be aware of what is going into your pets!!DSCN0621DSCN0613

Look in your mirror!

What do you like about yourself? Or what do you do when complimented? We need to realize we all have something to offer and we really do not look like that in the mirror!!  What you see is NOT what others see, we are ALL too critical of ourselves.  Yes, we all are!!  So, starting today, look in the mirror and see one thing that you love about yourself.  Now really see it and repeat that you love it!!  When you start seeing yourself in a brighter light, the world can become a bit brighter also!!  One step at a time–it can be done!!Sweet Baby RayDSCN0734

What is that feeling in my belly?

Are you really hungry??

Most people do not drink enough water in a day, so they feel hungry and/or tired. Then reach for food and unsafe alternatives for energy.  Try having a drink first!! This can be water, coffee, tea, or coconut water.  After a glass, if you are still feeling that hunger urge, grab a healthy snack!!

When starting out, cutting all of our “bad” habits out, will deter us to just stop and give up.  Start out small–so if you need that coffee or tea as your liquid, go for it, but stay hydrated!!  You are probably more thirsty then hungry!!

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Meet the “kids”

I love working out, whether in the gym or outdoors with my dogs.  When starting my teacher training, for yoga, I was on the trail daily running the dogs.  I do normally talk to them, but I started talking yoga to them when needing to talk my practices out loud.  They listened, got use to it, or just ignored me(?)  I then started using yoga moves on them, just because they were there.  They love it–love the attention!!

I have always massaged and had hands on my dogs.  Needing to be able to handle large dogs and keeping them calm is a huge reason, but also, they love the massages!

So, meet Frankie and Zobha, my Tibetan Mastiffs and training partners.  Frankie is 8 years old and Zobha is 4. They are raw-fed, meaning raw food and bones.  I also started eating healthier because of the research on the food of my dogs.  It seems my life is one huge circle, but always involves my animals!!


ZobhaDSC00273 DSCN0613