I have been using Essential Oils for years, on myself and my dogs. I actually started using them because of a simple class for my dogs.


Before I dive into essential oils for dogs, let me take a minute and stress the importance of using HIGH QUALITY essential oils. They simply must be 100% pure to be the most effective. When I stumbled upon my favorite brand 2 years ago, I’ve never looked back. Their quality is simply the best.

If you are looking into essential oils, I’d highly recommend purchasing through the brand I trust. They have wholesale membership options, just like Costco. If you want to get started through me, I can offer you an extra level of support and guide you in using your new oils through my years of use, online support, or a get together of show and tell. No matter where you purchase, just be sure to purchase the highest-quality, as other brands can be diluted or adulterated.

Okay, now back to the doggies.


I’ve talked to my vet about the precautions with essential oils and dogs and he told me that while there are definitely certain essential oils to avoid, it’s also wise to consider the life of the pet and what risk you should take to save their life. If I had a dog with severe kennel cough, I’d apply thyme or oregano, because I’d consider the risk worth it. The biggest thing to remember is to have common sense. Dogs are MUCH smaller than us, so be sure to apply MUCH less and always dilute. Here are my rules with dogs and essential oils…

  • Always dilute the oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. BONUS FRUGAL POINTS: This also makes the oils stretch further.1
  • Avoid eyes, nose, anal area, and genital areas. Yeah, just don’t go there.
  • Use cautiously with puppies under 10 weeks of age, very old dogs or pregnant dogs.
  • Avoid these oils on dogs regularly: Wintergreen, thyme, clove, cassia, camphor, and oregano. These oils wouldn’t be good to use each day, but are good occasionally when you’re dealing with a sickness that is hard to overcome (like respiratory trouble with kennel cough).


I often get comments about tea tree oil being toxic to dogs. Tea tree oil has phenolic compounds that can be hard for a dog’s body to process, but only in high doses. The oral toxic dose of phenol in dogs is about 0.22 grams per pound of body weight. 0.22 grams is about 4 drops of tea tree oil. This would mean that a 1 pound dog would have toxicity symptoms if you applied 4 drops of tea tree oil.

However, most dogs are around 10-20 lbs. To hit toxic levels of phenols, you would have to apply 40 drops of tea tree oil to a 10 lb. dog at one time. This would be the same as if a 150 pound human applied 600 drops of tea tree oil to their body at one time. OF COURSE this would be ridiculous and toxic. Anybody (or any doggy) given a high amount of phenolic compounds would develop toxicity issues.

When applying essential oils, you need a good dose of common sense. As long as you understand that applying 1-3 drops at a time and diluting for children and pets is the best practice, you’ll be good!

NOTE: The phenolic toxicity level in cats is unknown, but we do know that cats are more sensitive than dogs. It’s advised to avoid Melaleuca altogether in cats unless there is a severe injury or illness.



For dogs, essential oils can be used aromatically by putting a drop of the essential oil on their collar or on their dog bed. You can also make a spray by adding a few essential oil drops to water and spraying the dog’s fur.


You can apply essential oils to the spine, ears, or even on the toes/pads of dogs. You can apply essential oils directly to the wound pretty much anywhere on the body. But remember to avoid the eyes, nose, anal and genital areas.


Before you ingest ANY essential oils or make your pets ingest them, you must understand that they must be the highest quality possible. The brand I use is 100% pure and of therapeutic grade. You can put the essential oils in an empty gel capsule or in your dog’s food if they don’t mind the flavor. It is recommended only administering one drop when allowing a dog to ingest internally. Learn more about my favorite brand here.


Skin Care

  • For cleaning and disinfecting the wound: Lavender with a cotton ball.
  • To stop heavy bleeding: Helichrysum.
  • To help with a bad infection: Frankincense

Digestive Support

  • Apply 1-2 drops of the Digestive blend directly to the stomach. The digestive blend is a blend of the essential oils ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander, and anise. You can purchase this blend pre-made through my favorite brand, instead of purchasing each essential oils separately:)

Respiratory Support

  • Combine the Respiratory blend (15 drops) and the Protective blend (10 drops) diluted in 1 TBS. coconut oil and apply on bottom of paws or to scruff of the neck. If not working, apply same amount but more often. The respiratory blend is a blend of the essential oils from laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, and ravensara. The protective blend is a blend of the essential oils wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. You can purchase this blends pre-made through my favorite brand, instead of purchasing each essential oils separately:)
  • Also apply a drop of Lime and Thyme essential oils to the paws.

Natural insect repellent

  • Make my homemade bug repellent spray and apply to the fur, reapplying every 5-6 hours.
  • For prevention of fleas or ticks: Drop 1 drop of the Repellent blend oil directly on tick. This repellent blend has the essential oils of skimmia laureola catnip plant ,amyris bark, african sandalwood, cabrueva balsam, wild orange peel, white fir needle, cedarwood, citronella, eucalyptus leaf/stem, hawaiian sandalwood, genet absolute, and rose flower.
  • After a tick removal, put Lavender or Melaleuca on wound 2 times per day.

Ear Health

  • Mix 5 drops of Lavender, 5 drops of Melaleuca (you can use Basil if you don’t want to use Melaleuca), and 5 drops of Geranium in 1 TBS. of coconut oil. After cleaning the ear with a natural cleaner, use a Q-tip to rub the essential oil mixture in the ear (being careful not to put the Q-tip in past where you can see it). Do this twice a day until the ear no longer looks red or swollen.

Immune Support for Environmental & Seasonal Threats

  • Place one drop of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint in an empty capsule and give to dog, or put in food.
  • Because dogs are carnivores, their diet needs to be grain free-95% of allergies are caused by diet. I’ve found a homemade or raw food diet is best.

Joint and Muscle Support

  • Apply 5 drops of the Soothing blend diluted in 1 tsp. coconut oil along the spine or problematic areas to ease pain and inflammation. The soothing blend contains the essential oils of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, German chamomile, Helichrysum and Osmanthus. You can purchase this blends pre-made through my favorite brand, instead of purchasing each essential oils separately:)
  • Essential oils with other anti-inflammatory properties: Vetiver, Ginger, Rosemary, and Peppermint.

Brain and Mood Function

  • For calming: Lavender and the Calming blend. The calming blend has a blend of the essential oils lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla bean. You can purchase this blends pre-made through my favorite brand, instead of purchasing each essential oils separately:)
  • For moodiness: the Grounding blend. The grounding blend is a blend of the essential oils spruce, Ho Wood, frankincense, and blue tansy. You can purchase this blends pre-made through my favorite brand, instead of purchasing each essential oils separately:)
  • For confidence: Vetiver
  • Rub on paws, diffuse in room, rub on collar, or spray on bedding.
  • Essential oils with other calming properties: Geranium, sandalwood, ylang ylang, the Joyful blend, or the Invigorating. The joyful blend contains the essential oils of lavandin, tangerine, elemi, lemon myrtle, melissa, ylang ylang, osmanthus, and sandalwood. You can purchase this blends pre-made through my favorite brand, instead of purchasing each essential oils separately:)
  • Apply 1 drop of Frankincense on spine and 1 drop of lavender on paws.

Promoting healthy cell growth

  • Apply 1 drop of Frankincense directly on the growth, undiluted, 2 times per day.

I think the thing I like most about using essential oils on my pets is that they usually respond beautifully to them. Also, I love the idea of saving money. Just the other day, my dog cut his paw and I was able to take care of it at home!




Simple Ways to use your Essential Oils!

So you have purchased essential oils or are thinking about doing so. Oh, they smell so pretty, but how else can you use them? So many simple uses for them, in your home and for yourself!! Simple small spray bottles can be used to mix them or rollerball bottles to make up your own mixture for application. When adding water to a mixture, use distilled for cleaner bacteria free or witch hazel can be used in certain applications. FCO means fractionated coconut oil, which is less greasy, odorless, and colorless than other oils.  Essential Oils and FCO can be ordered from my favorite brand here.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:

GERMS B’ GONE: In 2oz. spray bottle, mix 10 drops Lemon, Melaleca, or cleansing oil of your choice. FCO is optional, top with water. Apply to hands.

PRODUCE CLEANING SPRAY: In 2oz. spray bottle, mix 20 drops Lemon, top with water. Apply to produce, let sit 5 minutes and rinse.

GREASE CUTTING SPRAY: In 2oz. spray bottle, mix 20 drops Lemon, few drops liquid dish soap, top with water or vinegar.  Spray to area, let sit 5-10 minutes, wipe clean.

SWEET DREAMS: In roller bottle, suggested oils to use: Lavender, Grounding Blend, Calming Blend, Juniper Berry, Citrus Bliss, or Cedarwood. Top with FCO, apply to bottoms of feet.

DIGEST: In roller bottle, suggested oils to use: Orange, Ginger, Digestive Blend, or Fennel. Top with FCO, apply to belly and around belly button.

Need suggestions on which oils to use or how to mix, contact me at : or see all the Essential Oils and kits at my favorite site here! 

Seasonal Allergies

OilBlendsDSCN0621Seasonal allergies…….here they come, or maybe you have been suffering since the rains ans cooler weather have arrived. We suffer with them and try all the OTC medications that will leave you drowsy, lethargic, and a bit of cottonmouth. And do they ever really help your symptoms or do you end up taking more and more?

Essential Oils can help those symptoms and hey, you smell better while using them too! Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree), Lemon, Lavender, and Respiratory Blend rubbed onto the bottoms of your feet and sinus areas are ways to start out. Using a diffuser also helps get the oils into your body/lungs/nasal passages. Another one to try out is Peppermint, 2x a day, placed at bottom of neck. Eucalyptus and Roman Chamomile are alternatives or in addition to.

Start out with one oil at a time to see what works. Many of the oils have multiple uses!! Check out these Essential Oils and many others on my site. Any questions on the oils or how to use them-call or email me!!



Allergies–Tis the Season…..for You & your Pet!

It appears to be that season-sneezing, watery eyes, stuffed up, and itchy. You really do not get total relief until the first freeze, suffering through the best months or activities of the year. We are not the only ones who suffer from allergies. Our pets also suffer from them. If the symptoms do not go away with the season, it is more then likely a food allergy and their food should be looked at.

Treating anyone of us with over-the-counter meds, for the allergies, wastes money, can make us feel worse, and who knows what those chemicals are really doing to the system??  Try using Essential Oils for allergies–whether it is for yourself or your pet!! Yes, as I have stated, oils can and should be used on your pet and yourself daily! Breathe EO can be for humans and you start out using more in the beginning and then back off as it gets into your system. Not like those OTC drugs that seem to stop working after a period!

For your dog, the Lavender oil is applied daily for seasonal allergies. Cats can also use oils, but need to be diluted about 90%. Everyone benefits from diffusing oils in the house. Inhalation of oils helps with so many issues!

Need advice on this or any other health issues, whether it is you or your pet and using oils–contact me: 920-428-2562. Or drop me a message! You can also go diretly to my website for information or to order:  Happy Oiling!!