Allergies–Tis the Season…..for You & your Pet!

It appears to be that season-sneezing, watery eyes, stuffed up, and itchy. You really do not get total relief until the first freeze, suffering through the best months or activities of the year. We are not the only ones who suffer from allergies. Our pets also suffer from them. If the symptoms do not go away with the season, it is more then likely a food allergy and their food should be looked at.

Treating anyone of us with over-the-counter meds, for the allergies, wastes money, can make us feel worse, and who knows what those chemicals are really doing to the system??  Try using Essential Oils for allergies–whether it is for yourself or your pet!! Yes, as I have stated, oils can and should be used on your pet and yourself daily! Breathe EO can be for humans and you start out using more in the beginning and then back off as it gets into your system. Not like those OTC drugs that seem to stop working after a period!

For your dog, the Lavender oil is applied daily for seasonal allergies. Cats can also use oils, but need to be diluted about 90%. Everyone benefits from diffusing oils in the house. Inhalation of oils helps with so many issues!

Need advice on this or any other health issues, whether it is you or your pet and using oils–contact me: 920-428-2562. Or drop me a message! You can also go diretly to my website for information or to order:  Happy Oiling!!


#Vacation and #Weight Gain

I have just returned from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and yes, it was an all inclusive resort! So there was the temptation of tons of heavy sugary foods and all that alcohol that I normally do not partake in–everywhere!! But this was a vacation from the WI weather and the daily routine of life, not a free-for-all to eating everything in sight. Sure I indulged in those crazy drinks they serve at those places, but only had one a night and switched to something lighter and topped off with tons of water. The fresh vegetables and fruit is where the food is!! Where in WI can we get this fresh stuff at this time of year, and all of the different types? And how about all the fresh fish and made without thick sauces or deep fried?!

Then there are the activities to get involved in or even walking on the beach. Just playing in the waves is a workout. Walking into town or around gives you more of a sense of the culture then taking a taxi. So there is enough exercise and good food on vacation–you may just need to search or choose wisely. Be sure to drink enough water also-we even had a case delivered to our room from the front desk. Doesn’t hurt to ask! Also, if flying, make your own food to take along and eat instead of airline food. Anything goes except meats, fruit, and veggies (across borders). They will sometimes take yogurt away, depends on airport.

I can help with ideas for planning your foods on airline and also foods to eat while on vacation to help you stay the same weight as when you left!! Remember, vacation is not a free pass to eat anything in sight-try samples of heavy stuff and go crazy on healthy foods that are native in that area. Americans tend to eat larger portions and more sugars, so eating ethnically is usually healthier!!DSCN1192DSCN1255DSCN1242DSCN1135


January-Wisconsin-Cccooold!!! No mistaking that it is January and winter this year!! Schools and businesses shutting down because of the bitter cold and winds. What about your workouts, eating habits, and boredom?? All through the roof? 

Kids are trapped indoors for days, along with you and the dog. Yes, there is always the gym or using the DVD’s for a workout. How about a change of pace? I tend to find too many things in my home to do as chores or get sidetracked to workout inside, so I head outdoors. Really, outside in this?? We marvel in technology with our apps and devices, well clothing has come a long way also!!

Dress in layers, using wicking material against your skin. Wool and leather keeps out wind and is really warm. So is all the cool fur hats and mittens out. Rainpants will also work for stopping wind-but still layer underneath. Cover exposed skin when windchills are extreme.

Trying out the City, County, or State park trails is one of the best ways to get outside. With wooded trails, the wind is blocked much better then out on a block street. You will be surprised at the beauty, peace, and silence you will discover on a cold winter day. So try out a new workout, it may become a favorite to clear your head after a long week or a good way to start a day. 

As always, any questions on ideas-message or call me!! I am out on the trails daily with Frankie and Zobha. Having cold weather dogs, I need to act like them-but I have learned to appreciate the beauty of a winter morning!!

DSCN1106 Zobha Frankie

Yoga + Dogs = Doga

So it is the first week into the New Year and it has been a very cold one here in WI.  As we know, many people use the 1st of January to make that resolution to get healthy, fit, or both for the year.  With the weather discouraging us,  normally daily “to do’s”, something else comes up, now the weather-just cannot go out!!! UGH! What is a person to do?

Many times we say to stay motivated or to keep that exercise time slot, have an exercise partner.  If you have ever tried to exercise at home, you may have noticed your dog trying to join in or get in the way.  You know they always want to be with you and do what you do, so why not let them become your partners for exercise? It will keep you both much healthier.

I take mine on runs/walks 4-5 times a week, because running in a yard is NOT exercise for them.  I also do Doga with them to keep them stretched out and I then am able to touch them everywhere. The hands on and breathing helps to calm them.  Spending time exercising with your fur baby, doing the Doga, you will receive a multitude of benefits!  I can help to show you how do do poses, breathing, massage on your fur baby and create a fun sequence that will benefit you both. 

I have added a small article that was on the DOGVACAY site talking all about Doga. Nope, I am not the only one doing this (around here maybe). But, on the east coast they have actually classes for Doga!! So, click here to read additional information.  Scroll down to, Dogs + Yoga = Doga, of June 06, 2012.


DIET–that nasty four letter word!!

Question I get weekly from people, “what diet do you recommend”?  And my answer is a question back to them, “which diet has worked for you to keep the weight off”?  The blank stare…..what?  Really, no “diet” works because we go back to those nasty bad habits and our cravings we all have, because we are human after all.  So how about changing the way you eat FOREVER!!

Keep a food diary, to start out, and find out what makes YOU feel and look better.  Each person if different and food reacts differently on each and everyone of us.

Eat as naturally as possible by avoiding processed stuff.  Go for those foods that will rot or go bad in a few days/week.

Eat more raw then cooked food and plants then animals-for all those nutrients.

Change your diet slowly! Cut out or change an item a week or slower.  Change is hard for all and forcing it before you are ready will not end well.

Walk 10,000 steps a day or some form of exercise and use common sense!

Simple and basic, but also takes time and practice to change your habits!  Be patient with yourself, allowing your body to rid itself of the chemicals, and you will soon discover what your body needs to run and look amazing.  Ask for help when needed and take each day as it comes!!Yummy salad!Fruit bowl at Sari OrganicsDiet photo

Putting tired in a Bucket!

“Can’t put tired in a bucket”.  I heard this statement so many times out of the mouth of my mentor/trainer/friend, Debbie Williamson during teacher training’s.  It is such a true statement-let me explain.  You cannot store or hang onto tired or want to carry it around to be used whenever. 

Yes, you may “feel” tired all of the time and do not want to do many things or you come up with excuses or roadblocks when you do not want to do something.  Lets just start out with working out or exercising for an example.  Whether you are just starting out new or have been working out for a long time, getting up in the morning or working out after a long day of work may not be the first thing on your mind.  Who doesn’t want to just stay in bed or go right home and sit on the couch because, “I am tired”!

So what motivates you to get up and moving?  Why not try getting a workout partner, turn on some heart thumping music, or think of something you love to do or would love to be doing!  Just getting the brain fired up by thinking of something good or moving around, will get your adrenaline flowing and suddenly you are NOT tired anymore!  We all know how the mind loves controlling our bodies.  So why not try it–think of something you love or something you love doing-how do you feel??  Now use that energy for your workouts and YOU!

workout workout2 workout4 workout3

The Time is NOW!!

The time is NOW.  Why do you continue to put things that you want to do better yourself and your life?  How many times have you said, “I’ll start on Monday”; “Tomorrow”, “I’ll start at the beginning of the week, month or year”?  Why do we need a future date to create change?  Nothing changes if nothing changes.  If you want to get healthy then start TODAY!  I can give you support and encouragement you need to be successful.

Want a better tomorrow?  Make it a better today!!  Contact me for nutrition, fitness, or yoga tips–why not??badwkout doitdaily it'shard

Smash the DIET mentality!

The idea or concept of being either “on” or “off”  a diet can be so self-defeating.  In the past when I tried dieting, and I tried all kinds of them, one little setback meant I was suddenly “off” my diet.  Then I’d throw in the towel and tell myself I’d start next week or next month.  Not a good idea!!  Think of eating smart as a lifestyle adjustment, and go into it knowing that victories and indulgences are part of life.  If you make good choices 80% of the time, you can loosen the reins a bit the rest of the time.  You won’t feel restricted, or have the mentality of “I can’t have that-ever”!  Even your indulgences will become better choices, because it becomes easier and healthier.Burrito at Sari OrganicsYummy salad!Fruit bowl at Sari Organics

Hitting your Re-Set button/Vacation time

Here is an “extra” blog from me, while I am re-setting my stress button, aka, on vacation.

Yes, we all love to go all out and eat the junk or crap food while on vacation, but you can stay healthy and “regular” by eating tons of greens and fruits first. All the extra activities will help with burning calories. Not trying any activities? Why not try a class in the area or run down to the hotel fitness center or pool for an hour? You will feel so much better when you get home and not have that extra vacation weight to get off. 

For some extra tips on traveling,;whether for vacation or work; here is an article by my friend Mara. Click hereCopy of DSCN1004 Bali 2011 22DSCN0708!