Simple Ways to use your Essential Oils!

So you have purchased essential oils or are thinking about doing so. Oh, they smell so pretty, but how else can you use them? So many simple uses for them, in your home and for yourself!! Simple small spray bottles can be used to mix them or rollerball bottles to make up your own mixture for application. When adding water to a mixture, use distilled for cleaner bacteria free or witch hazel can be used in certain applications. FCO means fractionated coconut oil, which is less greasy, odorless, and colorless than other oils.  Essential Oils and FCO can be ordered from my favorite brand here.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:

GERMS B’ GONE: In 2oz. spray bottle, mix 10 drops Lemon, Melaleca, or cleansing oil of your choice. FCO is optional, top with water. Apply to hands.

PRODUCE CLEANING SPRAY: In 2oz. spray bottle, mix 20 drops Lemon, top with water. Apply to produce, let sit 5 minutes and rinse.

GREASE CUTTING SPRAY: In 2oz. spray bottle, mix 20 drops Lemon, few drops liquid dish soap, top with water or vinegar.  Spray to area, let sit 5-10 minutes, wipe clean.

SWEET DREAMS: In roller bottle, suggested oils to use: Lavender, Grounding Blend, Calming Blend, Juniper Berry, Citrus Bliss, or Cedarwood. Top with FCO, apply to bottoms of feet.

DIGEST: In roller bottle, suggested oils to use: Orange, Ginger, Digestive Blend, or Fennel. Top with FCO, apply to belly and around belly button.

Need suggestions on which oils to use or how to mix, contact me at : or see all the Essential Oils and kits at my favorite site here! 


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Seasonal Allergies

OilBlendsDSCN0621Seasonal allergies…….here they come, or maybe you have been suffering since the rains ans cooler weather have arrived. We suffer with them and try all the OTC medications that will leave you drowsy, lethargic, and a bit of cottonmouth. And do they ever really help your symptoms or do you end up taking more and more?

Essential Oils can help those symptoms and hey, you smell better while using them too! Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree), Lemon, Lavender, and Respiratory Blend rubbed onto the bottoms of your feet and sinus areas are ways to start out. Using a diffuser also helps get the oils into your body/lungs/nasal passages. Another one to try out is Peppermint, 2x a day, placed at bottom of neck. Eucalyptus and Roman Chamomile are alternatives or in addition to.

Start out with one oil at a time to see what works. Many of the oils have multiple uses!! Check out these Essential Oils and many others on my site. Any questions on the oils or how to use them-call or email me!!



Allergies–Tis the Season…..for You & your Pet!

It appears to be that season-sneezing, watery eyes, stuffed up, and itchy. You really do not get total relief until the first freeze, suffering through the best months or activities of the year. We are not the only ones who suffer from allergies. Our pets also suffer from them. If the symptoms do not go away with the season, it is more then likely a food allergy and their food should be looked at.

Treating anyone of us with over-the-counter meds, for the allergies, wastes money, can make us feel worse, and who knows what those chemicals are really doing to the system??  Try using Essential Oils for allergies–whether it is for yourself or your pet!! Yes, as I have stated, oils can and should be used on your pet and yourself daily! Breathe EO can be for humans and you start out using more in the beginning and then back off as it gets into your system. Not like those OTC drugs that seem to stop working after a period!

For your dog, the Lavender oil is applied daily for seasonal allergies. Cats can also use oils, but need to be diluted about 90%. Everyone benefits from diffusing oils in the house. Inhalation of oils helps with so many issues!

Need advice on this or any other health issues, whether it is you or your pet and using oils–contact me: 920-428-2562. Or drop me a message! You can also go diretly to my website for information or to order:  Happy Oiling!!


A Dog’s Trust

Ahh, the joys of a winter walk with the dogs……! This is a Tibetan Mastiffs favorite time of the year, the breed of “my kids”.  Getting them out on a cold winter day and seeing the joy on their face-like a child on Christmas or let outside after being cooped up too long.  But along with the joys comes the part I normally would “groan” at imageyearly.  They would get ice balls on/in their feet, because of the intense heat they create.  Now why the groan?  Because my big babies will stop and wait on the trail for me to take the ice/snow packed in their paws out.  On a 4-6 mile walk this can happen roughly 5-10 times per dog, times two front paws.  Rarely do I need to take them out of their rear paws, but it does happen.

So, as this again happened this year, I let out a groan. But then thought, wait, here are these 125lb dogs asking me to dig around their paws for them!  Now most people would say, so?  Well, dogs do not normally care for you to touch/fondle their feet or tails.  So these large dogs, that could do major damage to me if they so chose, stand and ask for this.  This is trust and respect coming from them; which comes from me also respecting them.  Also, massage, breath, and touch on a daily basis creates this mutual respect! You can start massage and touch of an animal at any age, they will soon learn to love and look forward to it.  

Yes, this fur baby takes time and commitment, just like the two-legged kind.  They are part of your family and do much better with the attention they deserve and respect……so give them their massage or learn some Doga,  and breathe and exercise together!!DSCN02122012-03-05_08-02-21_7212012-03-05_08-24-45_354



ZobhadragoOilBlendsI love using my essential oils on myself, just to reduce the amount of chemicals on my body and in the household. The amazing thing is, I started the use of essential oils on my dogs before myself. For a simple insect repellent or flea and tick repellent. They can be used for wound care, cleaning of ears, and to boost their immune system. Sensitive skin or allergies can be issues with some dogs-adding oils to their shampoo will help soothe the skin.
So many people mention they have issues with their pet and thunder storms or anxiety. Oils can be given to them, used on their feet, or in a room mister-depending on their level of anxiety.
The only difference with pets and humans, the dogs or cats are much more sensitive to the oils then we are. They need to be diluted with grapeseed oil, olive oil, or my favorite, coconut oil. Always use caution with cats-some oils can be toxic to them if used improperly. Always check with a holistic vet or someone who knows or uses them beforehand.

So, share the chemical free world with your pets and start using essential oils on them. They will feel better and sure smell better!!
I can help with questions on how to use on your dog and you can check out the essential oils for you and your family at. Check out my link under Essential Oils or contact me for more information: 920-428-2562!

#Vacation and #Weight Gain

I have just returned from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and yes, it was an all inclusive resort! So there was the temptation of tons of heavy sugary foods and all that alcohol that I normally do not partake in–everywhere!! But this was a vacation from the WI weather and the daily routine of life, not a free-for-all to eating everything in sight. Sure I indulged in those crazy drinks they serve at those places, but only had one a night and switched to something lighter and topped off with tons of water. The fresh vegetables and fruit is where the food is!! Where in WI can we get this fresh stuff at this time of year, and all of the different types? And how about all the fresh fish and made without thick sauces or deep fried?!

Then there are the activities to get involved in or even walking on the beach. Just playing in the waves is a workout. Walking into town or around gives you more of a sense of the culture then taking a taxi. So there is enough exercise and good food on vacation–you may just need to search or choose wisely. Be sure to drink enough water also-we even had a case delivered to our room from the front desk. Doesn’t hurt to ask! Also, if flying, make your own food to take along and eat instead of airline food. Anything goes except meats, fruit, and veggies (across borders). They will sometimes take yogurt away, depends on airport.

I can help with ideas for planning your foods on airline and also foods to eat while on vacation to help you stay the same weight as when you left!! Remember, vacation is not a free pass to eat anything in sight-try samples of heavy stuff and go crazy on healthy foods that are native in that area. Americans tend to eat larger portions and more sugars, so eating ethnically is usually healthier!!DSCN1192DSCN1255DSCN1242DSCN1135


It is now the month of March….the New Year’s resolution long gone or you never started with one, well, because you know what always happens!  Just the word “diet” and you freak because you have to stop eating all your favorites and change all your habits.  Just making small, consistent changes will be better for a lasting weight loss.  Here are 7 easy steps to get you started.

1. Drink lots of water. Drinking before a meal will help you feel fuller sooner and will eat less.

2. Eat Breakfast Every Day. Healthy grains, fruit, yogurt, and eggs are a good way to start. Stay away from the hash browns, sausage, and cream sauces, which contain many saturated fats.

3. Downsize Your Dish. Studies show you will eat less when you use smaller plates.

4. Trade Up Your Fork.  Crazy as it might seem, having a larger fork, may actually lead you to eat less. Or try eating with your nondominant hand to slow you down.

5. Display Produce. If your fruit and veggies are out in front of you or not stashed in back of fridge, you are more apt to eat them. Less calories and packed with fiber, these are great for snacks!!

6. Snack on Yogurt. Sticking to plain, low-fat or non-fat yogurt, without extra sugar or saturated fat will help you fill up and is a great snack. The added bonus is the probiotics may help you burn fat.

7. Enjoy a Small Treat. Treating yourself to a small treat will not sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Keeping the treats to about 150 calories or less is what to aim for. Two dark chocolate squares or 1/2 cup of ice cream. It is eating the entire bag or container that is the killer!!

Fruit bowl at Sari OrganicsDiet photoDrinks at Sari Organics



January-Wisconsin-Cccooold!!! No mistaking that it is January and winter this year!! Schools and businesses shutting down because of the bitter cold and winds. What about your workouts, eating habits, and boredom?? All through the roof? 

Kids are trapped indoors for days, along with you and the dog. Yes, there is always the gym or using the DVD’s for a workout. How about a change of pace? I tend to find too many things in my home to do as chores or get sidetracked to workout inside, so I head outdoors. Really, outside in this?? We marvel in technology with our apps and devices, well clothing has come a long way also!!

Dress in layers, using wicking material against your skin. Wool and leather keeps out wind and is really warm. So is all the cool fur hats and mittens out. Rainpants will also work for stopping wind-but still layer underneath. Cover exposed skin when windchills are extreme.

Trying out the City, County, or State park trails is one of the best ways to get outside. With wooded trails, the wind is blocked much better then out on a block street. You will be surprised at the beauty, peace, and silence you will discover on a cold winter day. So try out a new workout, it may become a favorite to clear your head after a long week or a good way to start a day. 

As always, any questions on ideas-message or call me!! I am out on the trails daily with Frankie and Zobha. Having cold weather dogs, I need to act like them-but I have learned to appreciate the beauty of a winter morning!!

DSCN1106 Zobha Frankie

Yoga + Dogs = Doga

So it is the first week into the New Year and it has been a very cold one here in WI.  As we know, many people use the 1st of January to make that resolution to get healthy, fit, or both for the year.  With the weather discouraging us,  normally daily “to do’s”, something else comes up, now the weather-just cannot go out!!! UGH! What is a person to do?

Many times we say to stay motivated or to keep that exercise time slot, have an exercise partner.  If you have ever tried to exercise at home, you may have noticed your dog trying to join in or get in the way.  You know they always want to be with you and do what you do, so why not let them become your partners for exercise? It will keep you both much healthier.

I take mine on runs/walks 4-5 times a week, because running in a yard is NOT exercise for them.  I also do Doga with them to keep them stretched out and I then am able to touch them everywhere. The hands on and breathing helps to calm them.  Spending time exercising with your fur baby, doing the Doga, you will receive a multitude of benefits!  I can help to show you how do do poses, breathing, massage on your fur baby and create a fun sequence that will benefit you both. 

I have added a small article that was on the DOGVACAY site talking all about Doga. Nope, I am not the only one doing this (around here maybe). But, on the east coast they have actually classes for Doga!! So, click here to read additional information.  Scroll down to, Dogs + Yoga = Doga, of June 06, 2012.