#Vacation and #Weight Gain

I have just returned from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and yes, it was an all inclusive resort! So there was the temptation of tons of heavy sugary foods and all that alcohol that I normally do not partake in–everywhere!! But this was a vacation from the WI weather and the daily routine of life, not a free-for-all to eating everything in sight. Sure I indulged in those crazy drinks they serve at those places, but only had one a night and switched to something lighter and topped off with tons of water. The fresh vegetables and fruit is where the food is!! Where in WI can we get this fresh stuff at this time of year, and all of the different types? And how about all the fresh fish and made without thick sauces or deep fried?!

Then there are the activities to get involved in or even walking on the beach. Just playing in the waves is a workout. Walking into town or around gives you more of a sense of the culture then taking a taxi. So there is enough exercise and good food on vacation–you may just need to search or choose wisely. Be sure to drink enough water also-we even had a case delivered to our room from the front desk. Doesn’t hurt to ask! Also, if flying, make your own food to take along and eat instead of airline food. Anything goes except meats, fruit, and veggies (across borders). They will sometimes take yogurt away, depends on airport.

I can help with ideas for planning your foods on airline and also foods to eat while on vacation to help you stay the same weight as when you left!! Remember, vacation is not a free pass to eat anything in sight-try samples of heavy stuff and go crazy on healthy foods that are native in that area. Americans tend to eat larger portions and more sugars, so eating ethnically is usually healthier!!DSCN1192DSCN1255DSCN1242DSCN1135

Yoga + Dogs = Doga

So it is the first week into the New Year and it has been a very cold one here in WI.  As we know, many people use the 1st of January to make that resolution to get healthy, fit, or both for the year.  With the weather discouraging us,  normally daily “to do’s”, something else comes up, now the weather-just cannot go out!!! UGH! What is a person to do?

Many times we say to stay motivated or to keep that exercise time slot, have an exercise partner.  If you have ever tried to exercise at home, you may have noticed your dog trying to join in or get in the way.  You know they always want to be with you and do what you do, so why not let them become your partners for exercise? It will keep you both much healthier.

I take mine on runs/walks 4-5 times a week, because running in a yard is NOT exercise for them.  I also do Doga with them to keep them stretched out and I then am able to touch them everywhere. The hands on and breathing helps to calm them.  Spending time exercising with your fur baby, doing the Doga, you will receive a multitude of benefits!  I can help to show you how do do poses, breathing, massage on your fur baby and create a fun sequence that will benefit you both. 

I have added a small article that was on the DOGVACAY site talking all about Doga. Nope, I am not the only one doing this (around here maybe). But, on the east coast they have actually classes for Doga!! So, click here to read additional information.  Scroll down to, Dogs + Yoga = Doga, of June 06, 2012.


Beat the Heat-Ways to continue your practice during the summer

We love to come up with excuses not to work out, cold in the winter (here in WI), hot in the summer, no time……etc. But it is better to stay on a schedule, even when we really don’t want to do it. Even small amounts are better then nothing at all!

Here is an article to give you hints on keeping your practice going, even in the heat of summer! Click hereDSCN0734Arma resort.

Healing Breath

breath1 breath2Breathing, we do this without even thinking. Practicing breathing techniques can be used at any time to transform not only your breath, but also your state of mind. Different techniques can be used if you struggle with anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, chronic pain and even life-threatening illnesses. The techniques help people connect to a calm, quiet place within so that they experience greater clarity and well-being at every level.

Pranayama, or breathing techniques, can help you reduce all of the mental noise-the agitation, distractions, and self-doubt-that prevents you from connecting with your own true self. Pranayama, or breathing techniques, can have a profound effect on your life!

Prana-meaning, life force or vital energy. And yama-meaning, to extend or draw out.

Adjusting your workout/yoga practice

As life goes on we encounter obstacles that may hinder our yoga or workout practice.  These obstacles may be big or small. Such as gaining or losing weight, injuries, pregnancies, or just getting older.  What do you do during these obstacles?  Do you change up your workout, stop it all together, (cause it is just too hard), or find one that works better?  

I had the opportunity to spend an entire week with Mara Panacci, in Bali this year.  She has allowed me to share her blog on this subject of adjusting your workout/yoga practice.  Please read this blog and go ahead to read others of hers!!  She is well traveled and has great health tips/recipes also!!

Click here!