DOGA (Yoga for Dogs & Owners)


Lerra at 4 months



Wanda, Frankie & Zobha

Wanda offers one-on-one DOGA sessions for pooch and owner, as well as group classes for your facility or special event. BOOK WANDA for a DOGA session today!

Wanda’s DOGA classes are for owner & pet, and combine massage, breathing & training tips to help your dog find total ZEN (or at least happily executed good behavior). Dogs have stress too, and working with Wanda can help you and your dog develop a closer bond, as well as make life easier on the both of you!


Wanda Schnetzer is a yogi, and an animal lover. While she loves animals of all kinds, Wanda has always had a special connection with dogs, and early on in her years of working with dogs (big dogs in particular) she noticed the amazing connection & training capabilities of DOGA & puppy massage.

Even her vets have been astonished at the results of the self-created Dog Yoga & massage that she has long used with her own animals – their behavior is perfect and their heart rates are slow & relaxed, even at the vet!

puppytwist2Says Wanda:

“I guess you could say I have been working with them since I was little. I would dog-sit the neighbors dogs (instead of baby-sitting) and train them. I also would pick-up any stray I could find, even putting them into my car when I was driving. Boy, my parents loved that!!

I rescued a fair dog in High School days that I practiced my technique on. Later, I started training our hunting dogs, which were Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and not the easiest to train! Kai, my Bernese Mountain Dog, joined in with the hunters and I trained her the same way.”

Wanda’s DOGA is a combination of breathing exercises & gentle massage & stretches designed to help animal and owner bond, have fun and experience better relationships. DOGA helps dogs to feel love and support from their owners.

Wanda currently has three dogs: Frankie, Zobha, and Lerra.

Wanda books DOGA sessions by appointment only. Schedule your appointment today!

To purchase DOGA sessions or workshops, please email with the class or workshop dates you wish to be registered for.

Doga sessions can be purchased HERE!!

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