Now certified by NAFC to be your Personal Trainer!!  You may know what to do at your gym, but lack that motivation…..or you were never shown how to operate all those crazy looking machines! You have always thought about a gym membership and a trainer….well, now is the time!! You can come get a planned workout to fit YOUR schedule, in the privacy of a smaller gym. You can take this workout and use at your gym or only use this workout-you choose!!  And if you need help in nutrition–I offer that also!! And of course, you can toss in a yoga class or two if desired!! 

Contact me to set up your workout and get YOU on a healthy path!!  920-428-2562

Training by appointment at Ellipse Fitness-West or at your home.

National Association for Fitness Certification  

Ace certified-Practical Pointers for Group Fitness

Ace certified-IFT for Exercise Program Design





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