wanda_contact_roundWanda Schnetzer never imagined she’d take a trip to Bali, or to Costa Rica. She also never pictured herself becoming a yoga teacher, DOGA teacher, or life coach & health & fitness coach. The 48-year-old Hortonville, Wisconsin resident has done all of this and more.

Wanda now offers yoga & doga classes & private lessons as well as personalized coaching sessions (life coaching & fitness/nutrition) to private clients and groups around the state. (Read more about Wanda’s unique and inspirational journey from Sewage Treatment Plant Operator to Yoga Teacher on the PRESS PAGE).

“I do believe this is something I will do until a very old age, ” says Wanda. “I trained as a yoga teacher & life coach with Deborah Williamson of Midwest Power Yoga / Wild Abundant Life, because Debbie’s trainings always bring out the best in people – more than they even expect of themselves. I wanted an opportunity to change lives like that – in big and small ways – and also to help people find stress relief and balance in their minds & bodies.”

In addition to having a lifelong passion for fitness, Wanda is a longtime animal lover, and has years of experiencing working with dogs, especially big dogs. When she began her yoga career, she realized she could also bring her personal experience with animals into the arena to train people and pups simultaneously.

“Animals are smart and sensitive individuals, like we are. Even little things like massage and shared breathing with their owners can bring dogs to an amazing state of calm. I love to teach my little techniques so that people can enjoy their pets even more. And dogs are inherently spiritual, so I think it’s pretty cool to get them into yoga for dogs (DOGA). They just love it, ” Wanda laughs.

Yup, you can do yoga anywhere!!WANDA’S SERVICES:

YOGA: Wanda’s people-based power yoga classes are fun, sweaty, exciting and often set to fantastic playlists designed to add to the experience of sweat & serenity.  She teaches for all levels of experience, and also offers private yoga lessons to students who prefer to work one on one.  

DOGA: Wanda’s DOGA classes are for owner & pet, and combine massage, breathing & training tips to help your dog find total ZEN (or at least happily executed good behavior).  Dogs have stress too, and working with Wanda can help you and your dog develop a closer bond, as well as make life easier on the both of you!  DOGA classes are by appointment only – you may schedule a private session or get together a group of friends and their canines for a DOGA class.  

Wanda experienced a profound and lasting weight loss when discovering the diet and exercise plan that worked for her. As a yoga teacher, her students and friends are always asking her for tips, and Wanda now offers this health coaching as an additional service. What worked for Wanda? Eliminating most dairy & refined sugars. What will work for you? Go to the CONTACT PAGE and make your appointment to find out.

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